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Dr. Manish Bhatia

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  • The very idea of including substances without provings needs to be identified as non-homoeopathic from the very outset. In answer to Mahesh Ghandi’s “how do you select the one remedy out of the seven coming through in the repertorisation” – simple – study the provings in the MM.

    It is good, finally, after years of wandering in the darkness of delusions, to hear that Rajan is returning to groundedness – that the excursions into sensationalism and imaginary extensions untethered to omoion (determinate similars) was pure experiment at best, an never Homoeopathy.

    And contrary to Manesh Ghandi’s equating grounding with “rubrics” – grounding means philosophy and applied philosophy, in Homoeopathy, means attention to the proving from which our determination of similars alone may be made.

    Lastly, the system for which Ghandi was yearning, was and is already in place – it is called similars – and has been well defined, and fully described, by Hahnemann himself.

    • Mr Dimitriadis,

      homeopaths argue that there is a system in spite of the inconsistency and the poor inter-reliability between practitioners.

      Homeopathy has always been and still is dependent on the skill and experience of the individual. In contrast, a true system will yield similar outcomes no matter who the practitioner is.

      Classical or modern, which ever homeopath you consult will arrive at a different remedy.

      I would regard it a system if even 50% of homeopaths could arrive at the correct remedy after taking a case.

      Also try and look at it from the patient’s perspective. Patients are desperate after having suffered for years and I would advocate any method that relieves. If I have a malignancy or a disabling illness, I am least concerned whether you are able to treat me using a repertory or philosophy or intuition or a crystal ball.

      As far as I can see, there is still no consistency – you can pick all the methods out there or any one. A homeopathic consultation is like buying a lottery ticket.
      You might get lucky and get the remedy you need.

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